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Learn How to Use Instagram’s Swipe Up feature

IT NewsLearn How to Use Instagram's Swipe Up feature

The majority of people are using an Instagram account. And with more than 500 million users using the platform on an everyday routine, Instagram marketing has become an essential focus for most companies. The growth of your business can be increased through content posted on Instagram that can help you gain greater Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

One disadvantage for the software is that fact doesn’t permit the inclusion of clickable links on places apart from the bio.

The issue with Instagram’s hyperlink in the bio feature

Brands and individuals can include clickable links in their bios, but it’s not enough since:

You’ll need to alter the URL every time there’s any new content you’d like to point your actual Instagram followers towards.
You’ll need to make use of an application like Clic.ly to guide followers on your Instagram followers to various websites.

The most significant drawback with the bio link feature is that it’s not convenient for Instagram followers. People have limited attention spans in the current world of speed and require things to be done fast. A post or story that leads readers to your “link in bio” will need them to quit whatever they’re doing, visit the profile page, click the link, then go through your content. This is a significant step for today’s users and lowers the click-through rate.

Swipe Up is a feature that has been around for ages. The swipe Up feature is a game-changer for companies in the present.

What exactly is this feature?

It’s a great feature to use. Swipe Up feature available on Instagram can allow you to include clickable links in the captions of your Stories on Instagram, which can guide your actual Instagram followers on the content you’d like to share with them. So you can ensure that your Instagram followers do not need to quit your story and then click on your bio link to see what content you’re directing them to. You can guide them to your site and the latest items they can buy or event information, and provide more details about your latest offers.

It’s a fantastic way to grow your brand since it makes it simple for Instagram followers to engage with your brand and to take action on the content you post. The feature is only available when:

You have a business Instagram account Instagram with more than 10,000 Instagram followers.
The authenticity of your Instagram profile is verified (even if you don’t have more than 10000 Instagram followers).

Suppose you don’t have 10000 Instagram followers at present; start building your following to ensure that you can use this feature. If you’ve already got more than 10000 Instagram followers, follow this article to learn how to make the most effective use of this feature.

How do you include a Swipe Up button on Instagram Stories?

If you’re able to utilize this feature, click here. Swipe Up option, head on to the Stories section of your Instagram Stories by clicking on the camera icon on the left-hand side at the top of your screen.
Make a video, photo, or Boomerang included in your Story, or pick items in your photo album to post to your Instagram Story.
Choose the link icon located on the right edge of your display (fourth down from right). You’ll be able to link to an IGTV video or URL. Enter the URL you’d like to send the Instagram followers toward. It could be a webpage on your site, a product landing page, or your most recent blog post.
After that, Android users can tap the green check-mark, while iOS users can tap “Done.”
Be sure your Stories are “Linked” with the top right side hyperlink icon appearing white.
Include a call-to-action to get your Instagram followers to click to open the app. This can be done by using a GIF or even plain text that can draw followers’ attention.
The only thing you have to complete is shared your Stories.

Methods to use Swipe Up feature in a better way

Promotions for products

Its Swipe Up feature is an excellent option to include in the Instagram Story if you want to showcase videos or images of your products. It also directs the Instagram followers towards your site’s product page to purchase. You can also create categories for your products and highlight the specific category of products by including a hyperlink to the specific category on your Story. In this way, users who like the contents of your Story will not have to spend time looking through your profile and then trying to locate your website link to access your page for products. They’ll be directed directly to the page with just one swipe. This will increase the sales of your company.

Promoting blog posts

If you’ve recently published your blog’s first post and you want the Instagram followers to browse it, guide readers to your blog using the assistance with your Swipe Up function on Instagram. It is necessary to create an appealing graphic for your Story that aligns with your brand’s image. The use of the colours and fonts that represent your brand can also increase the recognition of your brand and help people to find your brand. Be sure the image you design meets the dimensions of Instagram.

Promotions on cross-platform platforms

Your company is likely to be across several social media platforms; using the Swipe Up feature is an excellent way to participate with cross-platform campaigns to increase the growth of your business. Utilizing the Instagram Swipe Up feature, it is possible to direct people directly to your Facebook post or the latest YouTube video. YouTube. Be sure to include an attractive thumbnail that makes it even more thrilling to your Instagram followers who swipe.

Landing pages that promote landing promotion

The landing pages can be informational or sales pages that function for transactional purposes. The purpose of these pages is to encourage users to purchase something or sign to sign up for something. Companies must let potential customers know about their landing pages. And thanks to the Swipe Up feature, it’s easy to include an URL on the page.

Increase registrations of your events online

If you’re hosting a digital event and would like to invite more people to sign up for the event, then you could achieve this by putting a short and simple sign-up form for your event in the form of a link to the Instagram Story. Bring attention to your event by putting up an advertising poster for the event and asking those who are your Instagram followers for a swipe to sign-up to attend the event. You can also post your post on the virtual event on your Stories and include the link for signing up. This is a way to get people to sign up at the time of the event, but it will help draw more attention to your feed post.

Promotion of lead magnets

Utilizing email lists is crucial for every business. Utilizing Instagram’s Swipe Up option on Instagram, it will be possible to promote email list sign-ups to promote lead magnets, which will assist in growing your business.

Fundraising for causes

Another method for brands to benefit from this Swipe Up feature on Instagram is donating to an organization or because they feel strongly about. Links that lead Instagram followers to charity donation pages could be added to Stories. In addition to helping raise money for a good cause, this can also help improve the business’s image, which is vital for the long-term growth of the company.

Tips to increase public engagement using Swipe Up feature on Instagram.

Engage your audience

Make sure your Instagram followers know that you have more on your Story beyond the content they see. Create a clear call to the user to click through with text that stands out or appealing GIFs. Ensure that the images you include for your Story are appealing and align with the general image you wish to project to promote your business. You can buy Instagram followers from authentic websites that provide you with real and active users for more engagement.

Post continuously

If you would like your Story to show up early to your Instagram followers, it is important to stick to a regular posting schedule. A consistent schedule of posts will keep your audience more intrigued by what you’re saying and will keep you in line with Instagram’s algorithm.

Keep track of Instagram Insights.

You can find out the number of your actual Instagram followers scroll to your Story by looking at the Instagram Insights. This will provide you with an idea of what kind of content your followers are engaging with more and will allow you to modify your content according to what’s most effective with you and your Instagram followers. Also, you’ll get an idea of what to post on your Stories.

Make sure It’s worth it.

You must ensure that what you’re sending to your Instagram followers is valuable. If it’s a website for products or blog articles or information about a forthcoming event, if you want to make sure your Instagram followers have to feel like they’ve added value to their lives.


Its Swipe Up feature offers brands an advantage in marketing the products or services they offer. The inclusion of hyperlinks that can be clicked in your Instagram Stories can allow you to entice users on your Instagram followers in taking an action that was previously not possible. If you’re interested in increasing the growth of your business through Instagram, then you must take advantage of this feature effectively and get an edge over your competitors.

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