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‘Sadistic’ girl, 16, who punched and kicked doctor to death with two pals faces life for sick robbery murder

War News'Sadistic' girl, 16, who punched and kicked doctor to death with two pals faces life for sick robbery murder


A “SADISTIC” teenage girl who punched and kicked a doctor to death with her two pals is facing life behind bars for the brutal murder.

Dionne Timms-Williams, now 17, walked through the dark city centre of Cardiff with two killers before targeting consultant psychiatrist Dr Gary Jenkins, 54.

Dionne Timms-Williams, now 17, is facing life in prison after the brutal murder


Dionne Timms-Williams, now 17, is facing life in prison after the brutal murderCredit: WNS
Father-of-two Dr Gary Jenkins, 54, was left for dead in a park


Father-of-two Dr Gary Jenkins, 54, was left for dead in a parkCredit: PA

The teenager left father-of-two Dr Jenkins for dead in a park before she was captured on CCTV hugging accomplice Jason Edwards, 25.

Edwards, Timms-Williams, and Lee Strickland, 36, were convicted of his murder on Thursday.

Timms-Williams lived at home with company secretary mum Lisa Timms, 43, in the village of Creigiau, near Cardiff.

But she went out with her pals “to target somebody for robbery and violence” in the early hours of the morning on July 20 last year.

Timms-Williams – who has a passion for horse riding – was seen wearing black knee-high socks as she headed to Bute Park near Cardiff Castle.

She was recorded before the attack saying: “If we’re going to stay in f***ing Bute Park, can we at least go and steal?”

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard Timms-Williams was seen laughing as she punched and kicked Dr Jenkins.

Horrified witness Louis Williams described the teenager as “f***ing evil. Sadistic” after he desperately tried to stop the attack.

CCTV audio footage recorded Timms-Williams demanding “do it” while calling Dr Jenkins a “f***ing pig” in the horror 15-minute attack.

As Dr Jenkins lay bleeding on the floor, she was heard saying: “Yeah, I needed that.”

Prosecutor Dafydd Enoch QC described the teenager as a “very troubled young woman”.

He said: “We ask you not to make the mistake in this case of assuming that 16-year-old was some sort of wilting flower caught up in something that was not of her making.

“The reality is a million miles from that scenario. For her to have acted in that way she must be a very troubled young woman.

“She was loud and confident and was laughing during the attack. It was torture, pure and simple.”

Timms-Williams left Edwards and fellow killer Strickland following the attack to calmly walk to a petrol station to charge her phone.

She received a text message from her mum Lisa at 2.02am asking: “Do you want picking up? xx” before she replied: “No I’m okay thanks.”

The court heard the teenage killer went to stay at a friend’s house after leaving Dr Jenkins unconscious near the Summerhouse Cafe.

She stayed up “chatting about general stuff” before going to bed and returning to her village home the following day.

The court heard the teenager gave a prepared statement to police where she claimed she was forced to join in the attack because she was “scared for her life”.

She said: “I saw one of the males throwing a punch. I saw him fall to the floor. They were both kicking and punching.

“They said ‘come on’, for me to join in. I was terrified and scared for my life. I thought if I didn’t do what he wanted I would die. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

“I have never been in the city centre at night on my own. I have never witnessed anything like that in my life.”


Dr Jenkins was bisexual, and was known by his friends and colleagues to go to the city centre park at night to participate in consensual sex with other men.

The prosecution said the attack on Dr Jenkins was “motivated by greed, homophobia and a straight forward liking of violence” and the three accused had been “in search of vulnerable gay men who were in the park for sex” to rob.

Caroline Rees QC, defending, said Timms-Williams had not targeting gay men – and said the teen had been in a same-sex relationship herself.

The court heard Timms-Williams was quizzed by police one week later and questioned over where her clothes were from the night of the attack.

But she answered “no comment” and the items were never recovered.

Dr Jenkins was rushed to the University Hospital of Wales after the attack but he died of an “unsurvivable brain injury” 16 days later.

Edwards, Strickland and Timms-Williams pleaded guilty to manslaughter, robbery and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

They were found guilty of murder after the trial.

In a statement following the verdict, Stonewall Cymru said: “Lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer people should be free to go about their lives without fear or restriction, but the tragic death of Dr Jenkins is reminder of the hate our communities face for simply existing.

“As people across the UK mourn the heart breaking loss of Dr Jenkins, the Government must take urgent action to challenge anti-LGBTQ+ attitudes and ensure all our communities are safe and free.”

Timms-Williams’ former neighbours were baffled how the quiet schoolgirl turned callous killer.

One said: “Before lockdown she was just an ordinary young girl – now she has killed someone in the most horrible of ways.

“Her family will be horrified. They always seemed so nice and normal.”


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