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Punches, Cylinder Fly In Restaurant Fight Near Delhi

Corona NewsPunches, Cylinder Fly In Restaurant Fight Near Delhi


THe restaurant owner has alleged that the group of men were drunk.


One moment they were enjoying their dinner. The next, they were destroying everything. It was raining fists, scoops, ladles and even a gas cylinder was picked up at one point.

A group of men who had gone to dinner at a restaurant in Dankaur town in Greater Noida on Thursday abused a staff member. As the member protested, they threw punches at him, which got other staff members involved. Soon, the gloves were off and a mutual combat was underway.

Fiery scenes were captured on the CCTV, showing the scope of damage and the fighting that followed. The restaurant owner, Mahesh Sharma, has filed a complaint with the Dankaur Police Station.

Mr Sharma has alleged that the men were drunk.

“On Thursday five people came to eat at the restaurant. The men abused the staff during the meal. When the staff member protested they got together and assaulted him. A case has been filed and the police are scanning the CCTV footage,” said Amit Kumar, DCP, Greater Noida.

The men, claims the restaurant owner, threatened him with dire consequences before fleeing from the scene. They left behind a scooty and a motorbike.

A search for the men is underway.


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