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Australian Open 2022 Final, Rafael Nadal vs Daniil Medvedev Live Updates: All Square In 4th Set As Daniil Medvedev Breaks Back

Corona NewsAustralian Open 2022 Final, Rafael Nadal vs Daniil Medvedev Live Updates: All Square In 4th Set As Daniil Medvedev Breaks Back


Nadal vs Medvedev, Australian Open Final Match: Rafael Nadal faces Daniil Medvedev on Sunday.© AFP

Sixth seed Rafael Nadal has staged a fightback and won the third set (6-4) against second seed Daniil Medvedev in the ongoing Australian Open men’s singles final on Sunday. Nadal had to maintain his nerves and fight back after going down 7-6 (7/5), 6-2 in the first and second sets. After winning the first set 6-2, they exchanged two breaks each before it went to a tiebreak where the second seed prevailed in a gripping set lasting 84 minutes. The set was marred when a protester holding a banner highlighting refugee detention jumped on to the court mid-game when Nadal was serving for the set at 5-3 before being quickly dragged away by security officials.

Rafael Nadal vs Daniil Medvedev, Australian Open 2022 Final, Live Updates From Rod Laver Arena

  • 17:59 (IST)

    4th set: 2-2! Daniil Medvedev claws back again!

    Medvedev doesn’t want to waste any time and then a backhand leads to 15-30. At 30-all, a forehand puts Medvedev in the front seat and then another forehand seals it.

  • 17:52 (IST)

    4th set: 2-1, Rafael Nadal takes the lead in this set

    Nadal raises two break point and Medvedev saves one with an ace and then hands over the second with a double. He gets booed again!

  • 17:51 (IST)

    4th set: 1-1! Daniil Medvedev levels it!

    After a fantastic backhand, Medvedev goes 40-30 and then gets a break point. He wastes by netting it and then in deuce, Nadal then gets the second game.

  • 17:40 (IST)

    4th set: 0:1! Daniil Medvedev gets the first game!

    Medvedev is pumped and makes at 30-all, gets booed by the crowd. He keeps his calm and holds on to make it 1-0.

  • 17:32 (IST)

    Rafael Nadal wraps up the third set!

    Nadal goes 15-0 with a forehand and then makes it 30-0. Then a backhand winner gets him the third set!

  • 17:26 (IST)

    3rd set: 5-4 for Rafael Nadal!

    Nadal gets the lead! Medvedev fails to save the second break point and Nadal’s backhand is too strong!

  • 17:23 (IST)

    3rd set: 4-4! Rafael Nadal levels it again!

    Nadal’s forehand makes it 0-15 and then its 15-all. Medvedev goes long, wide and wide in successive points. Nadal holds him to make it 4-4.

  • 17:19 (IST)

    3rd set: 3-4! Daniil Medvedev edges closer to the win!

    A backhand winner by Medvedev, cross court from well inside the baseline seals the game for Medvedev.

  • 17:12 (IST)

    3rd set: 3-3! Rafael Nadal levels it again!

    Medvedev goes 0-40 up but then Nadal saves all match points and levels the set.

  • 17:02 (IST)

    3rd set: 2-3! Daniil Medvedev takes the lead again!

    Medvedev makes it 15-0 with an excellent dipping back-hand cross-court. He is serving well and then seals love hold with a thunderous one out wide.

  • 16:59 (IST)

    3rd set: 2-2! Rafael Nadal levels it!

    Nadal dominates this game and goes 40-0. But then Medvedev makes it 40-30 before a forehand gets Nadal the game!

  • 16:58 (IST)


    Rafael Nadal has come back from being two sets down three times in his career.

  • 16:53 (IST)

    3rd set: 1-2 for Daniil Medvedev!

    Medvedev once again takes the lead and wins this game with an ace! He will be hoping to give his all in this set and win the match!

  • 16:50 (IST)

    3rd set: 1-1! Rafael Nadal levels the third set!

    Medvedev makes it 0-30 but Nadal has other plans. Puts in an amazing serve then a serve, forehand combo to make it 40-39. Then he seals it up with a 195km/h winner!

  • 16:41 (IST)

    3rd set: 0-1 to Daniil Medvedev!

    Medvedev takes the opener of the third set.

    Nadal tried to find some momentum in this game with forehands but the Russian held back and ended the game with an ace!

  • 16:28 (IST)

    Daniil Medvedev wraps up the second set! TRULY MAJESTIC!

    Nadal had this set but Medvedev clawed back to take it to a tie-breaker! He edges past Nadal to win it and makes it 6-7 in this set!

  • 16:15 (IST)

    2nd set: 6-6! Danill Medvedev volleys to level again!

    A backhand helps the Russian go 15-all and then makes Nadal run a lot to make it 30-15. After it goes 30-all, an ace and drive-volley wraps it up for Medvedev.

  • 16:12 (IST)

    2nd set: 6-5! Rafael Nadal is getting back into the game!

    A weak backhand makes it 30-all for Nadal and then Medvedev goes long on the backhand. It ends up at deuce and then Nadal nets again. He then does enough to make it advantage and then picks out a short ball. He wraps it up.

  • 16:02 (IST)

    2nd set: 5-5! Medvedev levels it!

    Is it done for Nadal? Medvedev begins with 15-0 and then Nadal tries to fight but can’t.

  • 15:58 (IST)

    2nd set: 5-4! Perseverance pays back for Daniil Medvedev!

    Nadal could have wrapped this set up but failed! It was 15-30 then Medvedev gets two break points. Nadal saves first with a serve volley and then the second with a forehand. Nadal then messes up his first set point with  back head into the net and then goes long on the forehand. Medvedev is using every single point.

  • 15:43 (IST)

    2nd set: Rafael Nadal goes 5-3 up!

    Nadal goes 15-0 after a Medvedev double. Then its 30-all and then Medvedev nets a backhand. An amazing slice puts Medvedev under pressure before Nadal wraps it up with a drop shot.

  • 15:37 (IST)

    2nd set: 4-3! Daniil Medvedev is back!

    Medvedev is back and makes it 0-30. Nadal makes it 15-40 with a forehand and then another poor backhand from the Spaniard helps him clean up the game!

  • 15:31 (IST)

    2nd set: 4-2! Daniil Medvedev claws back!

    An ace helps Medvedev go 30-0 up and then another helps him win the game!

  • 15:26 (IST)

    1st set: 3-1! Rafael Nadal is holding on!

    Nadal is trying his best here and he needs Medvedev to get tired! At 15-30, the longest rally of the match with 40 shots goes to Nadal’s side after dropping over the net and away. He gets two break points and converts the second.

  • 15:18 (IST)

    2nd set: 2-1 for Rafael Nadal!

    Nadal makes it 2-1 in the second set and dominates the first point with a forehand. He goes 30-0 but then Medvedev makes it 30-all. Nadal wins the next two points to get a lead.

  • 15:15 (IST)

    2nd set: 1-1 for Daniil Medvedev!

    The Russian is just looking better than Nadal! He is asking plenty of questions! Keeping his nerves in rallies, he works Nadal around the court and then wraps up the game! 1-1!

  • 15:03 (IST)

    1st set: 2-6! Daniil Medvedev wins the first set!

    Nadal doesn’t look his original self. He is waning here! Medvedev serves brilliantly and then earns two set points. Nadal nets on the return and then its for Medvedev! Five games in a row for the Russian.

  • 14:58 (IST)

    1st set: 2-5! DANIIL MEDVEDEV AGAIN!


    Nadal starts the game with his first double of the match and then there is another double for him! Medvedev beats Nadal in a long rally for the next point which he wraps up with a powerful inside forehand. Medvedev gets a double-break and then makes it 2-5.

  • 14:54 (IST)


    Medvedev was so composed in that game and an ace helped him go 30-15 up. Then he it was 40-15 and just as Nadal began throwing those forehands, Medvedev closed it out and extended his lead!

  • 14:51 (IST)

    1st set: 2-3! PRESSURE IS ON RAFAEL NADAL!

    Medvedev makes it 0-30 on Nadal’s serve and then works him around the court. There were three break points and one is required for Nadal to make a mistake. Medvedev leads!

  • 14:45 (IST)

    1st set: 2-2! Daniil Medvedev is getting into his groove!

    Good serve by Medvedev and he is really testing Nadal. His backhand has been wonderful as he took the lead in the game. Soon enough, he wrapped it up and leveled the set.

  • 14:38 (IST)

    1st set: WHAT A GAME! 2-1 TO RAFAEL NADAL!

    Its turning out to be a magnificent game! Medvedev had broken his serve already but he fought back to make it 2-1 in the 1st set.

  • 14:30 (IST)

    1st set: Daniil Medvedev levels it! 1-1!

    Nadal was trying to dictate but Medvedev kept hit calm and sealed the game with an ace out wide! 1-1!

  • 14:25 (IST)

    1st set: Rafael Nadal grabs early lead! 1-0!

    Nadal wraps it up and takes a 1-0 lead! Strong forehead and Medvedev will be aiming to level things now.

  • 14:24 (IST)

    Advantage to Rafael Nadal!

    Put on your seatbelts folks!

    Nadal gets the advantage after an intense rally. Medvedev is trying to make Nadal move around a lot but the veteran makes it look easy!

  • 14:23 (IST)

    Daniil Medvedev claws back!

    Nadal was about to take a 1-0 lead in the first set but Medvedev fought back with a tough rally to make it deuce (40-40).

  • 14:19 (IST)

    Rafael Nadal serves to start the match!

    Rafael Nadal serves to start the Australian Open 2022 Final and wins the first point! 15-0!

  • 14:11 (IST)

    Both players have arrived!

    Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev have arrived and the pre-match formalities begin!

  • 14:00 (IST)

    Daniil Medvedev beats Stefanos Tsitsipas in semifinal

    Daniil Medvedev also had a tough match in the semis and had to seal a 7-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 win against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

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