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Fears for Jenny as fans ‘work out’ beau Leo is a VILLAIN; plus EastEnders & Emmerdale news

War NewsFears for Jenny as fans 'work out' beau Leo is a VILLAIN; plus EastEnders & Emmerdale news


Rhona Goskirk horrified as rapist killer Pierce Harris reveals he is dying

In an upcoming episode of the ITV drama, Rhona is chilled to the bone when a man shows up saying Pierce sent him to her.

The stranger gives her a letter and, despite Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) telling her to bin it, Rhona keeps it in her possession.

Vanessa was right to worry about Pierce’s eventual return in Rhona’s life as she was kidnapped by him upon his return.

Rhona eventually opens the letter and tells Vanessa that Pierce is dying.

However, the killer and rapist – rumoured to be another character’s father – has one shocking request and is demanding Rhona’s help.

In his letter, Pierce mentions he wants help to find his son.

Later on, Rhona admits to Vanessa that she checked with a prison liaison officer and they confirmed that Pierce’s days are numbered.

Rhona keeps Marlon in the dark but with no clue where to start in the search of Pierce’s son, she may need another character’s help in her quest.

But Vanessa, who lives in fear of Pierce after he held her and her son Johnny captive, is going above and beyond to convince her out of helping the criminal.

Will Rhona follow Vanessa’s advice and turn her back on Pierce?


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