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Phil Mitchell to finally tell Kat he faces LIFE sentence; plus Coronation Street & Emmerdale latest

War NewsPhil Mitchell to finally tell Kat he faces LIFE sentence; plus Coronation Street & Emmerdale latest


EastEnders deserves to fail – it’s a woke parallel universe

This is a comment piece by Ally Ross

IT’S taken them a hell of a long time, but EastEnders viewers finally seem to have had enough of the soap’s never-ending mix of death, disease and long-lost relatives.

And it’s not hard to see why.

For the first two decades of this century Islamist terrorists murdered Londoners at will, while EastEnders, a show which prides itself on reflecting “real life,” sat on its hands, looked the other way and did nothing.

It didn’t fit the woke narrative, you see, so as painfully real as the outrages were they couldn’t possibly be acknowledged by a drama that had pitched itself to the left of the political centre ever since it started in 1985.

Then, at Christmas, something really odd happened. The soap suddenly acknowledged the existence of a threat.

But guess what? It came via Aaron Monroe and a right-wing terrorist cell who tried and failed to blow up the new mosque.

What looked like the most perverse twist of truth imaginable to the vast bulk of the viewers, though, would just seem perfectly normal to the BBC’s middle-class echo chamber who have been churning out this parallel universe material for nearly 40 years, as they sincerely seem to believe Britain’s working class need to be shown the error of their prejudiced and psychopathic ways.

As a result, Walford may look and sound vaguely like London but it’s a place where no one talks about football, buys a tabloid or is allowed to have any fun or ambition and all men, without exception, are either weak or total bs.


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