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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans ripped as ‘uneducated’ by fans after star claims the term ‘Karen’ is racist

War NewsTeen Mom Jenelle Evans ripped as 'uneducated' by fans after star claims the term 'Karen' is racist


JENELLE Evans is on the defensive once again, after debating with fans over whether or not the terms “white tears” and “Karen” are racist.

Jenelle’s opinion: “Yes it is.”

Jenelle Evans took offense to a 'white tears' comment


Jenelle Evans took offense to a ‘white tears’ commentCredit: TikTok/@jenellelevans
The Teen Mom star said the term is racist.


The Teen Mom star said the term is racist.Credit: TikTok/@jenellelevans

In a series of new TikTok videos, Jenelle responded to a follower who commented “White Tears” after the Teen Mom posted a rant against controversial NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

That prompted this response from Jenelle: “This had nothing to do with race. And for you to sit there and say ‘white tears’ is pretty racist in my opinion.

“And anyone else who wants to refer to women or anybody, any person in this world by their race to define their tears? Like, I don’t get that.”

Jenelle, sitting with her dog while talking to the camera, went on to ask: “Can you define the word ‘white tears,’ and what you mean by that? Because I’m pretty sure if I said ‘black tears’ you would be very offended.”

This kicked off a huge debate in the comments section, in which the 30-year-old doubled down on her reasoning.

When one follower commented: “‘White Tears'” is a phrase used to describe when white Karen’s do something racist or privileged and then cry when people call them on it,” Jenelle responded personally, digging herself deeper by addressing the “Karen” term.

Jenelle said: “Which is racist and the term Karen is also racist. There is no positive way to use those terms.”

On Reddit, commenters clapped back.

One person replied: “Jenelle is racist. Congrats Jenelle. You are living the life you deserve.”

Another added: “It’s telling when people think it’s worse and more offensive to be called racist than to be a racist.”

While one slammed: “Shut up Jenelle. If I wanted to hear from an a**hole I would have farted.”

And one person had just had enough: “This woman needs to be cancelled for good. I wish we could just compile all the disgusting sh*t her and David have done/said in the last few years, so she can’t say its all in her past, then somehow send to a major media place.

“She’s the worst. The absolute f**king worst.”


The whole debate dates back to 2019, when Jenelle insisted she is not racist after being accused of dissing Colin Kaepernick in an old Teen Mom 2 reunion clip.

At the time, the MTV star had stormed off the show after being confronted by Colin‘s girlfriend Nessa over her negative comments about the athlete.

Nessa told Jenelle at the time: “You posted hateful comments on social media about my family. My man, Colin Kaepernick.”

The reality star repeatedly denied saying anything and claimed she didn’t know who Colin was, before becoming tearful and storming off.

However months earlier, Jenelle had branded Colin the “most disrespected guy in the NFL” while slamming his campaign with Nike.

She wrote on Facebook: “‘Let’s choose the most disrespected guy in the NFL for our promos. Let’s add a slogan about sacrificing, everyone will love it,’” Evans wrote mocking Nike. “Let’s choose the man that kneels at our flag,’ YOU’RE WRONG.”

“I will not be buying Nike anymore. Chris Kyle’s wife wrote a huge letter about how she feels and I couldn’t agree more. HER husband actually DID sacrifice A LOT. Nike should change their ‘motto’ immediately. Nike needs a new PR person pronto.”

Jenelle also shared the ad and posted alongside it: “Donald J. Trump unemployment rate is so low, even Colin Kaepernick found a job! MERICA!”

Colin started a nationwide movement in 2016 when he began taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality.


On TikTok Jenelle continued to deny that she ever wrote anything negative about Colin.

“First of all, I’m not a racist, let’s get that out of the way,” Jenelle raged.

“Second of all, I don’t know who Colin Kaepernick is, I don’t keep up. Third of all, this was clearly a setup from the beginning.

“We were there to talk about my storyline and not Nessa’s and NMessa had to use my limelight.”

She went on: “Yes, I was very flustered because I didn’t know where this Facebook post even came from.

“Then I realized, ‘Oh, it’s my Facebook fan page where I have like four admins that post clickbait and so do the other Teen Moms’.

“I’m definitely going to tag MTV because this is the bulls**t that still follows me to this day.”

Jenelle groups 'white tears' and 'Karen'


Jenelle groups ‘white tears’ and ‘Karen’Credit: TikTok/@jenellelevans
Reddit users attacked in response


Reddit users attacked in response
Jenelle originally caused controversy after comments she made about Colin Kaepernick


Jenelle originally caused controversy after comments she made about Colin KaepernickCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219

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