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French Open ‘ban’, Tennis Australia make statement, Murray and Zverev slam ‘mess’

War NewsFrench Open 'ban', Tennis Australia make statement, Murray and Zverev slam 'mess'


Broady made aware of Kyrgios tactics

Liam Broady says he was warned by players in the men’s locker room about Nick Kyrgios’s “disrespectful” on-court antics.

The madcap Australian delivered under-arm serves, between-the-legs shots and celebrated like Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo as he won 6-4 6-4 6-3.

Broady, 28, said: “I know what Nick is like and I saw a few of the guys in the lockers before, who said: ‘Are you ready for the disrespect out there?’ I don’t think it’s personal. If I felt like it was personal and malicious, then I would probably feel like he crossed the line. But our job is to entertain the people and for them to enjoy the tennis that they come to watch. He does that and full respect to him.

“Sometimes he makes you feel stupid with the shots he hits, with the underarm serves through the legs and the little lobs and the dinks and then the big hits. Sometimes you feel like a bit of a club player out there. That’s what he does.

“But that’s one ever his biggest weapons. If you told Nick to stop all of the stuff that he does it would take away a big strength of his game. So, I am all for it, to be honest, even when it’s against me.

“The way he orchestrates the crowd, you see videos on TV, but it doesn’t do it justice when you’re playing on Nick Kyrgios’s home court. It was pretty crazy out there.”


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